Best Goggles for Triathlon Swimming

I don’t think that anybody would deny that it is so hard to find a goggle for triathlon swimming satisfying us.

But, no need to worry, for our page will give you a chance to access to the best goggles for triathlon swimming ever. With an adorable looking and a comparatively reasonable price, they can match all you needs.

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Top Goggles for Triathlon Swimming

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Goggle With Clear Lens, Clear/Black
Aqua Sphere

The Kayenne opens up the playing field – quite literally. Oversized lenses with our patented curved lens technology gives you style while providing an undistorted, expanded, 180-degree field of vision.

Goggles for Triathlon Swimming Reviews
  • “Easy to adjust, fit well and are comfortable.” – Jake 7
  • “I swim 2-3 days a week for about an hour each time and these hold up pretty well.” – Nicholas Gaba
  • “These are great goggles and don’t leave marks around one’s eyes.” – Darrell

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Lady Swim Goggle with Clear Lens, Trasp/Fuxia
Aqua Sphere

Aqua Sphere engineered the new shape of the Kayenne gaskets in conjunction with its exclusive Softeril material to provide an Irritation free fit for swimmers.

Product Research
  • “They are easy to adjust and fit well.” – Brenda Sue Peck
  • “I highly recommend these goggles.” – Mims
  • “FIT – very comfortable SEAL – good, feels tight enough to prevent a leak but not annoy your skin LOOK – Clear plastic and a pink accent look good on the googles.” – California Girl

TYR SPORT Nest Pro Mirrored Goggle, Metallic White

The Nest Pro Metallized Goggles are performance goggles that transcend traditional design; Inspired by the unique bird nest architectural design of The Beijing Olympics’ main stadium, the structural elements of the LGNSTM Nest Pro’s frame creates a unique grid-like effect, similar to the way a bird’s nest is intertwined for support; Metallized lenses reflect light and reduce glare, providing excellent peripheral vision, while anti-fog, construction enhances protection; An ideal goggle choice for performance, training, open water and triathlon applications; Polypropylene over-mold nest frame provides unique high-tech structure design; Headstrap features patented Glide Clip system which allows easy on-head adjustment; Double VTS (Varied Tensile Strength) silicone headstrap conforms to side of head while flat back straps allow for secure fit; Wide peripheral Polycarbonate (PC) lenses feature imbedded anti-fog properties and are UV protected; Soft TPR gaskets for comfortable, water-tight fit; Patent pending Nest Frame Technology.

Buyers Guide
  • “They are easy to adjust, snug fitting, but still comfortable, and they keep water out of my eyes.” – Russell Fanelli
  • “TYR Nest Pro Performance Goggles are the best I have found, never leak.” – David
  • “I swim about 10,000 yards per week and find these to be an excellent training/racing goggle.” – User57L5

Aqua Sphere Vista Swim Mask, Trans/Aqua/Blue/Gray, Clear
Aqua Sphere

The newest and most innovative swim goggle to date from Aqua Sphere, the Vista has a comfortable leak-resistant silicone skirt and contoured stylized frame.

Product Ratings
  • “Perfect fit, very comfortable, and they have not fogged once.” – Clay Golightly
  • “Best goggles I’ve ever used.” – CJINCA
  • “No more raccoon eyes.” – Mon

Aqua Sphere Kayenne Junior Goggles, Blue/Orange, Clear
Aqua Sphere

The Kayenne opens up the playing field – quite literally. Oversized lenses with our patented curved lens technology gives you style while providing an undistorted, expanded, 180-degree field of vision.

Consumer Reviews
  • “The goggles fit my son well and it was easy to adjust.” – Bryan B. Best
  • “My six year old daughter loves them.” – King
  • “Easy to adjust with the flip of a button.” – K. Kolk

TYR Nest Pro Nano Performance Goggle (Black/Smoke)

The Nest Pro Nano is our fastest growing goggle. Soft TPR gaskets create a water-tight fit. The soft gaskets fit to provide a water-tight fit.

Product Comparisons
  • “Very comfortable and easy to adjust.” – lori kroll
  • “These are the absolute BEST goggles I’ve ever used.” – K. Hardie
  • “Nobody has told me I look ridiculous, though, so I’m sure they look fine.” – Maggie

Aqua Sphere Seal XP Swim Mask, Black, Clear
Aqua Sphere

Aqua Sphere’s Seal XP is a hybrid goggle that combines superior visibility and exceptional comfort with a low profile design. It has a flexible, one-piece frame and comfortable, watertight skirt that provides for hours of swimming and water sports enjoyment.

  • “Buy a pair…they are worth it.” – Larry Baker
  • “It is comfortable, fills its function, do not leak.” – RA
  • “This is an excellent product that fits very comfortably.” – K. Simon

Aqua Sphere Eagle Goggle (Clear Lens, Blue)
Aqua Sphere

The Eagle fitted with clear lenses are designed to provide the greatest visibility indoors or in low light.

Product Reviews
  • “I would diffidently recommend these googles.” – phillystuff
  • “Best Goggles I ever used.” – AJ
  • “I can see underwater and also far with much greater clarity than non prescription glasses.” – M. Stavros

TYR SPORT INC Special Ops Goggles, Black

Showcasing polarized embedded anti-fog lenses, the Special Ops Goggles block horizontal sun rays that bounce off the top of water, for a sustained clear and reliable swimming experience; An ideal choice for everyday training, open water swimming and triathlon use, the LGSOP Special Ops feature our most comfortable silicone gaskets to date, maintaining shape, while minimizing pressure and maximizing seal; A unibody frame and simple nose bridge system accommodate a wide variety of facial types without need for adjustment and work together with a split strap head strap to create a secure fit; Customize It: Choose your colors.

  • “And they still were very comfortable.” – Diverboston
  • “These googles perform well & I would recommend these goggles to anyone who swims.” – DBESS340
  • “I love the polarized mirrored lenses and they do block much of the glare that reflects off water.” – Samantha Lambiase Hammer

Aqua Sphere Kaiman Lady Swim Goggle (Clear Lens, Trans/Aqua)
Aqua Sphere

The Kaiman Lady with clear lenses are designed to provide the greatest visibility while swimming indoors or in low light situations.

Product Research
  • “No leaking, comfortable nice fit.” – RusselMuscle
  • “I have a small face but these fit me good.” – LRB
  • “I swim 3 to 4 times a week, and love to get a great goggle that doesn’t leak and doesn’t accent my eye wrinkles for several hours after a swim!” – KK

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